3 Tips To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

3 Tips To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

You might not always buy the best quality apparel.  Especially with so many fun, trendy, "disposable" fashion items at your fingertips.  How can you increase the longevity of these items and reduce waste?  Here are a few ways to make disposable fashion items go the extra mile.


Tender Loving Care

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Hang dry every time. Heat from the dryer can damage the spandex fibers in most of your active wear, jeans, and undergarments.  This can cause them to lose their shape, elasticity, and eventually fibers could break in some areas.  If you must dry, try turning the heat down. This can help preserve the fibers so that they last longer.  You can also use dryer balls to help speed up the drying process in combination with a dryer on low heat.  If you are worried about wrinkling or stiffness when you hang dry, then you can use a portable hand-held steamer to freshen up your clothes.  I Like this one and purchased it for only $19.99 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

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Fabric softeners can also do the same type of damage, especially to the elastic fibers.  If you need an extra boost of pleasant aroma, then try adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your steamer.  Be careful and check the factory recommendations on your steamer first. Don't add oils that are already blended with carrier oils.


Mend and Repair

Just because you lose a button or pop a seam does not mean you need to trash the whole garment. You don't even need to be a seamstress or own a sewing machine. Small fixes can easily be repaired with only a needle and thread.    Here is just one example of an easy hand sewing technique for small tears.

Vois DIY directions for sewing

Vois DIY directions for sewingVois DIY directions for sewingVois DIY directions for sewingVois DIY directions for sewingVois DIY directions for sewingVois DIY directions for sewing

Hole in your jeans?  Try adding some fabric behind it for a new, trendy look.  You can find a small scrap of cute fabric and use your new hand sewing skills.  Cut the fabric slightly larger than the hole, flip your jeans inside out and attach.  Voilà!

 Vois DIY directions for sewing


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If you love fashion, you probably already have more items in your wardrobe then you could wear in any given month (or possibly a year).  Give that tried and true hoodie a break and rotate it out.  Switch your favorite sneakers for your second favorite. Do this at least twice a week.  Switching things up gives the item a break and extends the lifecycle so you are not wearing them out completely and sending it off to the trash.

Following these three simple steps will help you keep the clothes you love in better shape for longer.

Vois tips to make clothes last blog


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