3 Ways to Love Yourself on Valentine's Day

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In our culture, it’s common to look for love only in other people. We seem to forget that love can come from our own selves as well, and when we start to cultivate self love, everything else seems to fall into place.

Here are just three ways you can love yourself on Valentine’s Day:



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Many studies support the idea that meditation can have a positive effect on your well being. It brings clarity, reduces stress, and provides relief from various mental health problems.


A specific type of meditation that revolves around love is called metta meditation (in Pali, metta means loving-kindness). Rather than focusing on your breath, metta meditation encourages you to focus on a mantra that sends blessings to yourself, to others, and to the universe. The mantras vary, and you can even make up your own, but this is a basic one you can try out:


May I be safe.

May I be happy.

May I be healthy.

May I live with ease.


Just sit with this for a few minutes and you’ll likely feel freer and more in tune with that sweet, inner love.


Do yoga

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Yoga is another way to check in with yourself. Even if you only have five to ten minutes to spare, it will still make a big difference.


The easiest way to practice yoga is by watching YouTube videos and following along from home. My personal favorite online yoga guru is Yoga with Adriene. This month, she has a playlist called Blossom, which is specifically designed to get you feeling the love.


You don’t even need a mat to do this! Just bring yourself and an open heart and you’ll surely feel the benefits from your yoga practice.


Get outside

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I’m sure you’ve realized by now that your environment has an impact on how you feel on the inside. Making sure you get out into nature at least once every couple days will do wonders for your well-being.


This study, which surveyed about 20,000 participants, describes that there is, in fact, an association between “recreational nature contact … and self-reported health and well-being.” They found that spending just 120 minutes in nature per week can significantly improve an individual’s happiness.


Nature heals, so get out there and let it do its thing!


It doesn’t take much to find self love

Meditation, yoga, and spending time outside are just three things that have the potential to drastically change the way you live your life. And the best part about this is that none of these things will take up too much of your time. Five minutes meditating, ten minutes doing yoga, or just fifteen minutes getting outside can all have wonderful effects on your mind and soul.


Valentine’s Day is all about love, so get in there and feel that self love you know you’re capable of feeling!


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