What is Fashion Revolution Week?

What is Fashion Revolution Week?

Fashion Revolution Week is a time to use your voice!

Fashion Revolution Week is one week where everyone comes together to use their voices in unison and bring awareness to human rights within the supply chain of fashion.  The week is centered around April 24th in remembrance of the anniversary the 2013 Rana Plaza Collapse.  That day forever changed the lives of over 3,000 people who were injured or killed.  Their loss and the loss felt by their families and loved ones brought on an outpouring of support that ignited the largest global activism movement in fashion.  The non-profit Fashion Revolution was created and Fashion Revolution Week began to encourage millions of people to come together to campaign for systemic change in the fashion industry

The time for Fashion Revolution Week is upon us and it is time to use those voices to spread the message.  Our voices need to be heard to advocate for human rights and force more transparency throughout the fashion supply chain.  Together we are already making positive advances and your voice has the power to change everything.

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What can you do to join the Revolution?

Joining in is easy!  This year, because of the world wide pandemic, everyone is joining their voices together online.  Everything you need to know is conveniently available digitally so you can lend your voice to the movement from the safety of your home.  You can even find an easy to follow guide on the Fashion Revolution take action page.

  1. Ask your favorite brand "Who Made My Clothes"?

  • You can print the poster available for download on the Fashion Revolution take action page, linked above.  
  • Take a selfie holding the poster and showing the brand label in question.  A lot of people turn their shirts inside out and backwards. 
  • on social media tag the post with the @brand and also @fash_rev and use hashtag #whomademyclothes.

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  1. Sign the Manifesto

  • The manifesto is a list of 10 revolutionary changes that Fashion Revolution wants to see implemented by everyone.
  • The list consist of things most people would consider reasonable and would even be shocked that they still occur.  A few examples ending work slavery, demanding a living wage for workers, and stopping discrimination for gender, race, and class.
  • You can read more about the 10 changes and sign the manifesto here.

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  1. Donate to Non-Profit

  • Fashion Revolution is a non-profit that operates year round working on these agendas.
  • They use this money to provide social media outreach, investigative research, innovative events and inspiring, and informative content.
  • If you choose to support them your donation can be made here.

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What is Vois doing to join The Revolution?

  1. Ethical treatment for all Vois partners and employees

  • Putting a focus on People Over Profit during every decision.
  • Zero tolerance policy for discrimination on any level. 
  • A fair living wage for every worker.
  1. Environmental Consciousness

  • Creating campaigns and capsule collections donating to environmental causes to support NGO work.
  • Working with sustainable materials and trying to reduce the amount of plastics within our products. 
  • Striving for a low-waste production using as much scrap material as possible in design details and accessories.
  • Creating a re-sale program for all used Vois apparel to give it a second life.

Fashion Revolution Week also features an array of seminars, classes, and webinars brought to you from people from all around the world working hard to make the fashion industry a better place.  These are people who love fashion!  They are people who make clothes and also people who wear them.  To check out the amazing array of events available please go to the event page here.

I hope you love this movement as much as we do and feel inspired to participate with us this week.  Follow us on our social media @shopvois or sign up for our newsletter to join us as we work towards the greater good together.


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