Coral Reef

Coral Reef Collection

Did you know that coral reefs are essential to more then 25 percent of marine species?  They are their own complete underwater ecosystem, sometimes referred to as the rain forest of the ocean, because of how diverse they are.  Coral reefs benefit you more then you think; they are vital to the world’s fisheries, they produce compounds used in medicine, and they act as a natural barrier in large storms helping to protect the coast against damage.  Coral reefs are unlike anything else on the planet, their beauty is incredible and inspiring.  These are just a few reasons why I was inspired by the world’s coral reefs to create this collection. I researched quite a few different non-profit organizations and found Coral Reef Alliance, also referred to as CORAL.  The thing that attracted me the most about CORAL was their focus on the science of adaptation and the work they do to build adaptive reefscapes that are more resistant to rising ocean temperatures.  CORAL is an amazing group that combines science-based solutions with community-driven conservation. That is why we choose them to donate 2% of  the selling price from each piece sold in this collection to help to support this type of research.

While Vois is proud to support the work of the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL), it is not directly affiliated with the nonprofit or any of their programs, projects or website