What is Deadstock? 

Most commonly Deadstock fabrics are leftover fabrics that were bought by a brand or created by a fabric mill but never sold or turned into products.  Most of the time it will stay stored in a warehouse for 6 months to a year before it is whisked away to a landfill or to be burned.  

Our Deadstock Collection is composed of fabrics that we rescued from local brands that intended to throw these beautiful fabrics away.  Some of the fabric we collect is as small as a 10" x 10" swatch that was used to show off a print that was never ordered.  Some of it is leftover yardage from sample making for pieces that never went forward. Some of it is from small rolls of fabric that were bought in excess and never used in production.

All of it is gorgeous, perfectly good fabric, that we use to make products that have been creatively designed to use some of the smallest swatches. 

Our Deadstock Collection offers unique one of kind prints, patterns, fabric textures and colors that are special and very limited edition.  Once they are sold they are gone forever.  You might end up with one of a kind!