Vois is on a mission to change the fashion industry!  For the better of course.  Part of that is our commitment to lead the industry to a more circular model.

Introducing Vois Pre-Loved 

We design and manufacture Vois products to last much longer than a single season. That's important to us. But we recognize that no one wears the same item forever. Our Pre-Loved Market helps keep your closet fresh and rewards you for extending the life of our garments. 

 Here is how it will work

  1. Create an account when you buy a Vois product

  2. When you are finished wearing the product log into your account

  3. Find the item you want to sell in your purchase history 

  4. Click “Sell Used”, describe the product’s condition and name a price 

  5. When your item sells, we’ll help you send your item to the new owner. Then we’ll give you store credit so you can buy something else! 

We hope you will join us in helping grow our Vois community by giving our products a second home. And next time you visit Vois, be sure to check out what is available in our Pre-Loved Collection!

With Pre-Loved options you can enjoy at least 20% off the original sale price on all your Vois favorites. 

Love them, wear them, sell them, then let others love them again!