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Conscious, Mindful, Authentic Apparel

Vois was created to give our customer the clothes they love inspired by the causes they love.  It is our goal to bring together environmental awareness with quality, ethical, fashion for your everyday wardrobe.  We are artisans driven by the desire to create change and looking to connect with people who believe that their voice can make a difference.  We picture a better world where our apparel is produced in a way that allow us to coexist harmoniously with the environment.

Vois is more than just a clothing brand, it’s a collective of people that include manufacturers, designers, and consumers who share the same vision. We move beyond the stereotypes of “eco-fashion”, to become the destination for inspired, conscious pieces that are perfect for your everyday wardrobe.  We want to break away from the elitist industry attitude; no change you can make is too small, no goal is too big to achieve, and no time is too late to begin.

Designer and Founder

Denese Vicky

I founded Vois in 2017 with a dream that I could create a brand that would change the world. I wanted to bring people together with a common goal, to reduce our impact on the environment without sacrificing our love and desire for beautiful apparel and accessories. I believe that every choice we make can have an impact and that the world we live in is based on cause and effect.

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