Our Values

This is Our Voice

Vois was created to give our customer the clothes they love inspired by the causes they love. It is our goal to bring together consciousness, mindfulness, and authenticity to provide you quality, ethical fashion for your everyday wardrobe.  We founded this brand on a very strong set of values that we will never compromise on.  


Vois values conscious woman's apparel

We prioritize sustainability and consider our impact on the environment with every decision we make.  Some of the things we incorporate:

  • OEKO-TEX® 100 Certified Fabrics
  • Sustainable Fabrics
  • Sustainable Printing Methods
  • Local Manufacturing
  • Post Consumer Waste and Sustainably Sourced Paper
  • Compostable packaging


 Vois Values Mindful Woman's Apaprel

We are mindful of each product we produce and the lifecycle of that product.  

  • From the beginning stages of the concept through what happens after a customer is finished with the product, we think about each stage. 
  • We prolong the life our our product as much as possible with high quality durable fabrics and expert craftsmanship. 
  • We incorporating circular practices for the end of the lifecycle.
  • We try to use as much of our waste fabrics as possible in trims and coordinating accessories.


Vois Authentic Ethical woman's Apparel

Vois is pronounced like the word voice and that is what we stand for.  We believe that every voice matters, your voice matters, and that one voice can make a difference.  We share our genuine beliefs, knowledge, and our voice with everyone through our newsletters.

  • We create a monthly newsletter that highlights the accomplishments of our NGO partners and educates our customers about what they can do to help lend their voice to causes they love. Sign up here.
  • We give opportunities to partners to lend their voices on our blog.  You can email us for guest posting opportunities. Contact Page.
  • We value the voices of all our customers and encourage them to share with us on social media or comment on our blog post.


Vois donate to environmental causes

The clothes you love inspired by the causes you love

  • Each capsule collection is inspired by a meaningful cause.
  • Each partner is researched extensively and chosen because they share a common vision for the world with us and our customers. 
  • A portion of each sale from a collection is donated to the cause that inspired the collection.
  • Learn more about our partners and the causes we support through our blogs and newsletters, sign up here


Vois makes ethical woman's clothing

We will always choose people over profit.  We work with artisans in the USA that hand craft our clothing with love and passion for what they do.

  • All employees and partners of Vois are treated fairly and equally. 
  • We provide fair living wages for all employees and partners.
  • We value the voices of all our employees and partners.
  • Our employees, our customers, our partners are considered our family.


Vis makes slow fashion for woman

Each piece of clothing we make is completely intentional.  We work slowly, which means each piece is made to order and no piece of clothing is made without a home to go to.

  • Products are sold as pre-order in small quantity capsule collections.
  • Each piece is made-to-order and only produced once an order is confirmed.
  • We are a slow-fashion brand and do not work on seasons or trends.  We only create when we are inspired to bring art into this beautiful world. 


Vois makes circular fashion for woman

Vois is a proud Founding Brand Signatory for the 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge.  We are on a mission to change the industry together!

This means that we have committed to taking specific actions in 2020 to lead the industry toward a more circular model. Collectively, with 60 plus other brands we are working to address the U.N. Sustainable Develop Goal (SDG) 12.5, to substantially reduce waste generation by 2030.
In order to achieve this Vois will be doing the following:
1. Enable take-back or resale on all used Vois products by the end of 2020.
2. Increase recycled content by working to find new fabrics suppliers offering recycled content options in their fabrics for new collections.
3. Ensure that the Vois product is always made with durability and will last a long time, being able to be used over and over.

You can learn more about the pledge here and see all the Signatory Brands here:


 Circular Fashion Pledge


Vois is a revolutionary woman's clothing brand

We are ready to turn the fashion industry upside down and create a new industry based on these values.  It is our goal to move beyond the stereotypes of “eco-fashion" and offer stylish, colorful, fun-loving pieces that provide you can enjoy fashion while still being a conscious consumer.  We want to break away from the elitist industry attitude; no change you can make is too small, no goal is too big to achieve, and no time is too late to begin.

We value everyone no matter where they are in their journey and welcome them to join our family.

If you ever have any questions about how we do business please contact us at vois@shopvois.com